Product Catalog

  Tools and Supplies
Item Number Material Description Unit of Measure
PP-28"-CONE 28" Safety Cone with Base (Non-Reflective)
PP-42"-CONE 42" Safety Cone Grabber Style with 1 --6 LB. Rubber Base Each
PP-ORANGE Inverted Marking Paint-Orange Each
PP-WHITE Inverted Marking Paint-White Each
PP-REF.TAPEWHITE White Temporary Reflective Tape 4" x 300'  Roll
PP-REF.TAPEYELLOW Yellow Temporary Reflective Tape 4"x 300' Roll
PP-TWINE Asphalt Tying Twine Each
PP-32" -SCOOP Asphalt Scoop 37" D'Handle Each
PP-44" -SCOOP Asphalt Scoop 44" D'Handle Each
PP-6' LUTERAKE Asphalt Lute Rake 6' Handle Each
PP-8' LUTERAKE Asphalt Lute Rake 8' Handle Each